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Warning, this sexual burning romance contains sizzling sex scenes and dealing with a Viking bosshole for an adventure to the alter for a secret wedding that might end Mallory's career for good.

The Dating Policy

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The Dating Policy

Mallory and Todd

I finally found him. The one guy who I am destined to fall in love with. Only my employer's policy squashed any chance of us coming together.

Either I will be fired for dating him or my heart will quit if I don't.

Book 1 in Mallory & Todd Series: Forbidden office romance, hidden identity, arranged marriage, scars, 

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The Marriage Contract

Book 2 

The Marriage Contract

Eloping was the easy part. Everyone found out before we could announce it is backfiring badly. My family whom I have little contact is coming out to meet my new husband.


Some reasons are complete envy and the other is to make sure I chose correctly. I am grateful for Todd's spontaneous wedding plan with it only being us before he could change his mind when he meets my mother.

Book 2 in Mallory & Todd Series 

The Baby Clause2.1.jpg

Coming December 2022

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