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Book 1 in Series

Inceptions: The Kate and Robert Chronicles

Six years with the same guy, her first and only. The problem, he is the wrong guy. With Kate's emotions running high and the hangover bringing her down low , she has to get up and get to work.

Robert Beckham, sensual, passionate, intense, convinces Kate to go on a predate proving to her that he is the right man, the real man for her. She is smitten by his take charge demeanor and bad boy edge.


Robert's sexual appetite about to be quenched as Kate agrees to stay the night.


Genre: Romance Mature Audience

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You and I

Book 2 in Series

You and I: The Kate and Robert Chronicles

Following her heart, Kate understood Robert is her destiny. What chance did she have against his sheer magnetism, the spell he cast upon her.

She was enchanted by him with her eyes wide open and all she could think about was wanting more. Kate didn't know a lot about her new husband. She sensed there were secrets and it was her mission to reveal them...but at what cost to her would his secrets unveil.

Genre: Romance Mature Audience

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Beckham 101

Book 3 in Series

Beckham 101: The Kate and Robert Chronicles

This is not what I expected married life to be like. I knew we would be together a lot but not have my entire schedule focus around my husband. Perhaps my sister was right. Robert is too much. He calls is overachieving, I call it obsessive compulsive.

Then out of the blue, while we are out to dinner, a key nugget of resource appears. Six foot four, magnum of a man. Ash blonde , high and tight hair; chiseled square jaw line, strong muscular upper body.

Women would pay to wrap their hands around his waist line. This man was trouble. Damn it. This man is Robert's best friend I knew nothing about. And he just called me, Cookie.

Genre: Romance Mature Audience

She's got the Jack 6.13.22.jpg

She's Got The Jack

Book 4 in Series

She's Got the Jack: The Kate and Robert Chronicles

It hasn't even been a year since the wedding and it felt as though they have lived a million lives together, filled with travel, romance, adventure and sex. Kate was finally understanding Roberts over protective nature as his past continues to unfold. Kate is his prize and everything he does is for them.

A new arrival changes everything. Uncle Jack shows up in his usual manner, unexpected and uninvited, proving Robert to be an amateur in the older, wiser presence of Kate's Uncle.

However, with Jack's training, Robert could become a super cop as Uncle Jack's talents uncover.

Genre: Romance Mature Audience

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How to Train a Bullet

Book 5 in Series

How to Train a Bullet: The Kate and Robert Chronicles

New job, new home, a new addition to the family. Robert's job has him fighting with fellow officers to hold top dog positions and leaving him vulnerable to people digging up skeletons linking him to murder.

Uncle Jack protects his family but he cannot protect what is ahead for Kate and Robert.

Genre: Romance Mature Audience

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Coming February 2023